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Most asked questions about LED lighting - Part. 1: How to choose the right dimmer?

  Can I use a dimmable LED light bulb with a non-dimmable switch? Unlike the traditional halogen and incandescent light bulb that can be used with both dimmable and...

How to DIY Landscape Lighting with Spotlights?

  Nowadays spotlights are widely applied in landscape lighting, but how to DIY landscape lighting is still a question. Here are some installation advices for landscape...

What are Lumens and Kelvins?

What are Lumens and Kelvins?   Whether you are shopping in lighting stores or online for LED fixtures or LED bulbs, you will encounter a big puzzling question about two key...

Easy Understanding: What are Lighting Facts?

When shopping for lighting supplies, you might have notice a little table appear on certain product’s package that shows all these alien-like figures. What are those figures...

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Lamps Designed to Grow Plants in Windowless Spaces

By Heidi on 08/26/2016

Designers Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke have developed a lamp that allows plant lovers to grow greenery anywhere. By using LED lights in place of direct sunlight, the Myrdal...

Latest Sensory System in LED Lighting

By Fiona on 09/29/2016

  Having lights turns on automatically when you walk past them sounds like a sci-fi movie but with the new found technology in smart LED lighting, this futuristic scene might...

Fremont to Replace 14,000 Streetlights with LEDs

By Fiona on 09/18/2016

It is reported that the government of Fremont located in California U.S. is going to convert 14,000 streetlights to LEDs from late September or early...

Historic Landmark in Argentina gets a Shiny Makeover

By Jamie on 09/14/2016

Every city in the world has a landmark, when we look at it we’ll know where it represents. Eiffel Tower for Paris, Pisa for Tuscany, Big Ben for...