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What are the Difference of Lux and Lumen

  Before getting more deeply to their difference, let’s have a brief understanding of what these two terms means –Lux and Lumen. Lux and Lumen are two photometric...

How Many Antique Bulbs Shapes Do You Know?

Antique bulbs have been enjoying a steady resurgence in popularity over the past few years. You can find them almost everywhere no matter in a popular restaurant or inside a...

T8 Installation: How to Bypass Existing Ballast

  When selecting LED linear light tube, many of us will notice the caution listed on certain models of the product package: “Ballast bypass required. Please consult a...

3 Facts You Always Ignore About Watts and Lumens for LEDs

  Enjoy the charming glow of an incandescent bulb while can’t stand its high expenditures is a dilemma most of us are facing. Switching to LEDs seems to be a perfect...

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Lamps Designed to Grow Plants in Windowless Spaces

By Heidi on 08/26/2016

Designers Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke have developed a lamp that allows plant lovers to grow greenery anywhere. By using LED lights in place of direct sunlight, the Myrdal...

Trump Pushes ‘Buy American’ In The US Navy When It Comes To LED

By Luna on 04/28/2017

   In order to reduce costs, the US Navy decides to retrofit its bases with LED lightings. This is a long-term goal starting from the Obama administration. President...

Take Note for the Pretenders!

By Bernee on 04/27/2017

With the improving technology in lighting industry, customers are facing a large variety of choice more than ever. Having more than one option is...

The 7th International LED Professional Symposium +Expo LpS 2017

By Rita on 04/20/2017

  The 7th annual LED international Symposium +Expo 2017 will be taking place from September 26th to 28th in Bregenz. The symposium will last...