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Light the Halls With LEDs

  Light the Halls With LEDs For many people, holiday lights are used to brighten up the night times around Christmas and Hanukkah. But they often don’t realize is...

Choosing the Right Dimmer Switch

For many of us, we always love the brightness and durability of the LED bulbs but struggle with the dimming problems. When purchasing a new dimmer switch for your LED bulb, you...

What Are Smart Plugs and How To Use Them Creatively

For those of you that’s not much of a techie like myself, the term ‘smart home applications’ might sound intimidating as it often refer to expensive, sensitive...

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting For Your Garage

  Unlike indoor lighting, exterior lighting not only works functionally but also makes your home looks inviting and alluring. It could be satisfying to go for purely...

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How to Install LED Path Lights

By Ryan on 11/26/2018

  How to Install LED Path Lights When it comes to lighting, it always has one goal, allowing you to see what is around you. Landscape lighting embodies this as its goal...

‘Trenton Makes’ Bridge Will Be Switched To LED Lighting

By Luna on 05/27/2017

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission has recently approved that the sign, “Trenton Makes The World Takes” could be upgraded to LED lighting as it is more...

Lights Finally go up on “The Bridge to Nowhere”

By Ryan on 11/10/2018

  Lights Finally go up on “The Bridge to Nowhere” The use of LEDs has changed how many things are lighted, homes, cities,...

Nike Opens World’s First LED Running Track in Manila

By Rita on 05/27/2017

  Nike created the world’s first full-size LED running track named Unlimited Stadium in Manila. The 200m track is designed uniquely on...