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Simple Definition: What is the Difference between Power Adaptor and LED Driver

Traditional DC-DC and AC-DC converters are most commonly used for regulating the input voltage into a “constant- voltage”. On the contrary, LEDs perform the best and...

Easy Understanding: What is AWG and What Are Its Functions

AWG stands for American Wire Gauge (gage). First established in 1857 in the US, it is the standard measurement for the non-ferrous wire conductor size. The word ‘Gauge’...

Why Does Your Lighting Fixture Failed to Work As It Advertised

When replacing the old light fixtures with new ones in our house, we often focus on the benefits that advertised on the lamp’s package. However, the performance and...

All about The Lights: Understand the Difference of Each Types

Replacing the light bulbs at your home? Before rushing to the hardware store, here’s a guide for you to know which type works best for you. Incandescent- First...

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Disney Patents IR LED-based Interactive Light Saber System

By Lynn on 08/24/2016

If you are a fan of Star Wars, I think you must have dreamed of deflecting laser light beams with Jedi light sabers, and now it might get achieved in the future of Disneyland. ...

New LED light bulbs installed at Sky Harbor

By Lynn on 07/22/2016

Sky Harbor recently finished installing more than 3,000 LED light bulbs at the East Economy parking garage. The new bulbs are brighter and more energy efficient than the old...

Osram Expands in Entertainment Lighting with ADB Acquisition

By Cindy on 08/08/2016

Osram is on the process of expanding its market share in entertainment area. It has acquired some assets from ADB TTV SAS in order...

A Cooler, Brighter Update on Mammoth Site

By Bernee on 07/20/2016

Everybody knows that LED is a more energy efficient and long lasting types of luminaries in the recent years. This younger-type of lighting is...