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How to Fix Your Christmas Lights

While decorating for the holidays, you can never be without Christmas lights.  But what happens if a few bulbs decide to stop working?  Faulty Christmas lights can be a...

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Buying LED Lights

Nowadays, LED illumination lights are more popular and pervasive than ever with the explosive growth of LED industry output value. Today, LED lights are significantly more...

How to Replace an LED Light Bulb

The LED light bulb is finally coming of age. The great thing about LED light bulbs is that they operate independently of each other. This means that when one light bulb has burned...

Why Is My LED Strip Light Dimmer at One End and How Should I Address the Problem?

Whenever a current is flowing, the current will meet some resistance that will impede its flow. In low voltage lighting systems such as flexible LED strip lights, voltage drops...

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The World's Thinnest Light bulb - Graphene Gets Bright

By Amy on 06/26/2015

By taking advantages of the performances of graphene, scientists have created the thinnest light bulb ever. The size of the light bulb is like a silicon chip. Imagine a light bulb...

Philips Integrates Hue with ABB’s Smart Home Control System

By Amy on 07/02/2015

To boost adoption of smart homes in China, royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, is collaborating with ABB, the global leader in power and automation technologies. They...

20th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Holds Promises and Seeks Inspiration

By Amy on 06/15/2015

This year, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition celebrates its 20th anniversary from June 9th through the 12th at China Import and...

New LED Bulbs Light up Bridge to Belle Isle

By Amy on 06/06/2015

The latest bridge to be outfitted with LED lights is Detroit’s MacArthur Bridge on Belle Island. Hundreds of new LED lights shined across the...