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15W 90 CRI Recessed light

T8 tube light

7W MR16

A19 ST19 Aapple Bulb

LED under cabinet kit


Aluminum Channel

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Why CRI is important?

CRI plays a key role in the process of designing a space, color, texture, or finish. The objections in high-CRI lighting usually show out-standing colors and textures. It can also...

How to Choose the Right Off Road Work Light

Adding extra lighting to your vehicle can make a big difference in visibility when you’re on road. However, choosing the suitable off road work light can be a difficult task,...

How to Select LED Under-cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet lights are usually used in kitchen and pantry cabinets. The kitchen can be regards as a work place, so an appropriate under-cabinet light can provide the light for...

The Installation, Testing and Replacement of Exit Sign

Setting up exit signs and emergency lights? We understand that wiring and testing can be confusing so here are some simply and plain steps and tips for you. Installation -...

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UK Study Shows the Importance of Public’s Responds to LED Lighting

By Cindy on 05/21/2016

A study conduct on the public’s responds toward LED lighting reveal that the light source is the crucial factor when it comes to purchasing instead of just the energy...

2,000 Pigeons Put on a Light Show in Brooklyn

By Amy on 05/13/2016

This week, a spectacular LED light show was performed in the night sky at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. "I thought it was totally amazing, it is a great urban New York adventure." said...

LFI 2016 International Light Fair was held in San Diego

By Roxie Finchley on 05/07/2016

LFI 2016 International Light Fair, the world’s largest annual architectural & commercial lighting trading exhibition was opened on 24 April...

UAE New Bulb Incentive Urges Residents to Switch to LEDs

By Hestia on 05/07/2016

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making a sustainability project for energy. In this project the government will offer 25% discount to certain...