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Why Is My LED Strip Light Dimmer at One End and How Should I Address the Problem?

Whenever a current is flowing, the current will meet some resistance that will impede its flow. In low voltage lighting systems such as flexible LED strip lights, voltage drops...

What Type of LED Light Bulb Is Right for My Fixture

LED light bulbs can be used in many common fixtures in your home, including ceiling fixtures, recessed lighting fixtures, outdoor fixtures and many more. Choosing a light bulb can...

Different Residential LED Light Socket Types

Bayonet Cap (BC)Alias: BC, BA22d, B22d, B22d-2, BC22, B22The bayonet light bulb mount is a standard fitting in UK, Australia, India, Ireland, and New Zealand. There is a metal...

How to Install LED Recessed Lights

LED technology is widely used for recessed lighting. LED recessed lighting is not only energy saving, but also greener than traditional recessed lighting. At the same time,...

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How to Reduce Light Pollution Around Us

on 04/10/2015

Although we probably can’t recall when the first time we can not spot the stars in the night sky, people gradually become more and more familiar with an unpleasant...

Orlando Eye lights up with 64,000 LED lights

By Amy on 04/23/2015

After a four-week-long installation process, the Orlando Eye, 400-foot-high observation wheel, first official lit up on the evening of Thursday, April 16 at a special event for...

Booming Market for LED Grow Lights

By Amy on 04/04/2015

LED grow light market achieved $395 million in 2014 and is forecast to reach $1.8 billion by 2021. Rapid growth is anticipated as green house and...

New Type of Graphene Bulbs will Hit the Market in 2015

By Amy on 04/01/2015

A graphene light bulb, the first commercial product to be made from the “miracle material”--- is to go on sale later this year. In many...

LED Lights to Increase Milk Production & Reduce Energy Consumption

on 01/30/2015

Over the past thirty years, long-day lighting (LDL) has been proofed to have positive impact on milk production, egg production, reproductive...