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Best Light at Hand, Work it Good, Work it Well

  In the previous post, we’ve go through the basic things that you need to know before purchasing a tactical flashlight. By now, you’ll have in mind about what...

Best Light at Hand, Here’s Something You’ll Have to Know

  LED Tactical flashlight or torchlight anyway you like to call it, is one of the trendiest item on the Internet this year. In this passage we will get to know more about...

Indoor farming? Here’s the guide that will help you choose the light you need

Growing plants indoor might sound a little sci-fi to many of us, but with the technology of today, nothing is impossible anymore; in fact many researches had found that when...

The Perfect Tube: Which Type of the LED T8 Tube Suits You Best

How many types of T8 LEDs are there available on the market, and what are they? There are 2 types of LED T8 linear tube light available on the market, the first one is...

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Lamps Designed to Grow Plants in Windowless Spaces

By Heidi on 08/26/2016

Designers Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke have developed a lamp that allows plant lovers to grow greenery anywhere. By using LED lights in place of direct sunlight, the Myrdal...

How and Why is it Important to Protect LED Lighting Systems

By Bernee on 12/09/2016

For those whom are thinking about switching to the trendy LED lighting, you might have already heard or learn about all the benefits LED lighting can offer. 2 of the most important...

The Launch of LED Helmet in Japan is supposed to Alleviate Hair Loss

By Luna on 11/29/2016

  Having thick and healthy hair is the one of the best feature of being drop-dead gorgeous, but the ugly truth is that many of us doesn’t...

LED Circadian Lighting May Be the Solution for a Better Sleep

By Bernee on 11/17/2016

One of the most well-known contract negotiators for US’s major hospital has just sign a 3 year contract with LED Science Group for their human...