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What are Lumens and Kelvins?

What are Lumens and Kelvins?   Whether you are shopping in lighting stores or online for LED fixtures or LED bulbs, you will encounter a big puzzling question about two key...

Easy Understanding: What are Lighting Facts?

When shopping for lighting supplies, you might have notice a little table appear on certain product’s package that shows all these alien-like figures. What are those figures...

How to Choose the Right Light for Gym

There are a lot of things going on in a gym’s design. Lighting is one of the most important parts of a gym’s overall design as most of the time people would pay for a...

Simple Definition: What is the Difference between Power Adaptor and LED Driver

Traditional DC-DC and AC-DC converters are most commonly used for regulating the input voltage into a “constant- voltage”. On the contrary, LEDs perform the best and...

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Lamps Designed to Grow Plants in Windowless Spaces

By Heidi on 08/26/2016

Designers Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke have developed a lamp that allows plant lovers to grow greenery anywhere. By using LED lights in place of direct sunlight, the Myrdal...

ACC Care Center Installs Tunable LED Lighting for GATEWAY Demo as a Trial

By Fiona on 09/23/2016

Lately, the ACC Care Center in Sacramento, California working together with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District has installed tunable white LED lighting as a pilot...

Historic Landmark in Argentina gets a Shiny Makeover

By Jamie on 09/14/2016

Every city in the world has a landmark, when we look at it we’ll know where it represents. Eiffel Tower for Paris, Pisa for Tuscany, Big Ben for...

The LED Affects on Wild Bats

By Bernee on 09/10/2016

As the LED lighting industry development rapidly, nowadays, almost all the conventional bulbs on the street have been replaced by modern,...