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LED Low Voltage Meteor Shower Light Tube. Accent/Holiday Lighting!

TorchStar meteor shower lights are perfect for holiday decoration. LED light tubes emulate meteors glowing and falling from the night sky, giving off romantic and festive vibes.

TorchStar meteor shower light tubes are perfect for holiday/event decoration. LED light tubes emulate meteors glowing and falling from the night sky, giving off romantic and festive vibes. Enjoy its wide application for indoor and outdoor use, including but not limited to roof, fireplace, trees, gardens, etc. Installation can be done by amateur and within 15 minutes with necessary tools. Low voltage LED lighting is not only safe for household usage, but also helping you to save on electric bills. TorchStar is offering a variety of meteor shower light tubes so you can pick the perfect one according to your specific need. The light is also featuring in low energy consumption and flexibility. Each set of light consists of 10 pieces of double-sided glowing LED light tubes with power consumption as low as 1 watt per tube. The 10 light tubes are 39 inches apart from each other and connected to one main power cord. The space between each bar gives you plenty of freedom to arrange the lights anyway you wish. There are two lead wires coming out from main power cord, positive and negative. To accomplish the convenient connection, you simply need to hard wire two lead wires to your 12V power source and the light will turn on immediately. Power adapter, easy adapter and product options can be found below:

NOTE: A power adapter that can transform 120V to 12V is needed if you only have 120V power source. Power supply is not included in the item but can be purchased separately.

Color Options

There are four different color options, Blue, RGB, Warm White and Cool White.

BlueRGBWarm WhiteCool White


Length and Density

Meteor shower light set consists of 10 pieces of double-sided LED light tubes. We offer three length options, 30cm (11.8inch), 50cm (19.7inch) and 80cm (31.5inch). Numbers of LEDs on each tube light varies depending on the length of the tube. Please check each product page for detailed specifications.

30cm, 36 LED, SKU: TS130

50cm, 60 LED, SKU: TS131

50cm, 72 LED, SKU: TS133

80cm, 78 LED, SKU: TS132

Application Instruction

- Power Adapter.

Please note that you cannot plug this light directly to your wall power outlet, because American standard voltage is 120V, but this light tube set requires a low voltage (12V) input. A compatible power adapter can be found here:

Power Adapter

12V 6A Power Supply Adapter Converter (AC to DC) for LED Products/Strip Lights

- Easy Connector.

You only need the easy connector to adapt your light set with AC power adapter when you use a AC power adapter. You do not need the easy connector if you have direct 12V power source.

For your convenience, we will gift you an easy connector as showing below so you can hook up this light set to your power adapter easily. One end of this connector connects to the male end of power adapter and the other end of the connectors can adapt two lead wires of your light tube set.


Female DC Power Connector Adapter for Single Color LED Strip Lights

- Wiring.

The main cord has two ends, the red one is positive and the white one is negative. The connector also has two sockets. The plus sign stands for positive. The minus sign stands for negative. Loosen the screw on the connector, plug the positive wire into the positive socket, and screw it tight again.

Now you are done with the positive end. Next, do the same with negative end. When you finish with the connector, plug the connector into the 12volt power supply adapter, and connect the adapter with power source. The light is on!


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