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LITEdge’s Smart Home devices provide a simple way to automate your home

By Craig Nieman on 03/07/2019

  LITEdge’s Smart Home devices provide a simple way to automate your home So you want to turn your home into a Smart Home, but you don’t know where to...

How to Install LED Path Lights

By Ryan on 11/26/2018

  How to Install LED Path Lights When it comes to lighting, it always has one goal, allowing you to see what is around you. Landscape lighting embodies this as its goal...

Lights Finally go up on “The Bridge to Nowhere”

By Ryan on 11/10/2018

  Lights Finally go up on “The Bridge to Nowhere” The use of LEDs has changed how many things are lighted, homes, cities, streets, and now for a certain city,...

‘Trenton Makes’ Bridge Will Be Switched To LED Lighting

By Luna on 05/27/2017

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission has recently approved that the sign, “Trenton Makes The World Takes” could be upgraded to LED lighting as it is more...

Nike Opens World’s First LED Running Track in Manila

By Rita on 05/27/2017

  Nike created the world’s first full-size LED running track named Unlimited Stadium in Manila. The 200m track is designed uniquely on shape. The track looks like...

Algonquin’s Streets Get Brighter with New LED Streetlight Upgrade

By Jordan on 05/26/2017

  Algonquin, IL – The Village of Algonquin has just finished replacing its municipal’s older streetlight to new energy efficient LED lighting fixtures...

Opportunities And Threats of the U.S. Lighting Products Market

By Luna on 05/19/2017

  Recently the U.S. lighting products market has published the presence of numerous players as well as retailers. Since there are a large amount of companies providing...

George Craford Awarded by IEEE for Major Contributions to LED Lighting Technology

By Jamie Dempsy on 05/19/2017

  Lumileds announced that George Craford, Lumileds Solid State Lighting Fellow will be receiving an award by IEEE; he was selected by the IEEE Edison Medal for his great...

Lamp recycling will be free in UK

By Rita on 05/17/2017

  The UK government set a target about waste recycling will be free in 2017. The government expressed that those people or companies who hold quantities of waste lamps should...

LED Lighting Upgrade to Increase Energy Efficiency in University

By Peggy Hasty on 05/12/2017

  Edwardsville – South Illinois University is undergoing a lighting upgrade to replace the older light fixtures to new LED lightings. The LED lighting upgrade not only...

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