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How to Display Your Collection

By Ryan Iversen on 04/29/2020


How to Display Your Collection

Whether it be paintings, handicrafts, sculptures, or other types of collectibles, we all enjoy displaying what we have collected in our homes. But when we want to show them to friends and guests, we need to in a way that highlights the best parts. In this article, we will be going over some great products that will make your collection pop with lighting.

Some important principles to keep in mind when lighting your collection are lighting angle and color rendering. A great product that helps you with that is the LEONLITE 8.5W LED Track Light Heads. This dimmable track light heads can be adjusted, letting set the angle the light shines from. They also have a CRI of 90+. High CRIs like this more accurately display how objects would look under natural sunlight. In other words, these light heads will bring out your collection’s true colors.

While that light is great for large areas, this next one is perfect for individual pieces like paintings and pictures. The LEONLITE LED Picture Light lights up your favorite art with its 120⁰ beam angle. The adjustable arm design lets you set the lighting angle for that perfect effect. It can also be installed in two ways, either hard wire it and hide the wires in the wall or plug-in install it and enjoy a quick and easy installation.

Now a big issue with lighting your collection is glare. This unwanted effect can irritate your eyes and makes it hard to focus on your collection’s beauty. Thankfully, there is a light that minimizes this irritating issue. The LEONLITE LED Track Light Heads with Anti-Glare Net keeps the light glare-free with its ingenious anti-glare net. Not only does it make your collection pop, but it also makes your interior an inviting and comfortable place to be with its lighting.

Your collection is a great thing to display in your home. With the help of the proper lighting, you can make it pop and capture your guests’ eyes. Whether it be adjustable lighting angles, dimming, or high CRIs that bring out natural color, TORCHSTAR’s and LEONLITE’s family of lighting products will give your collection that needed flavor.

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