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More Green for Your Home

By Ryan Iversen on 11/21/2019


More Green for Your Home

Plants are a wonderful piece of decor to have in your home. Not only do they make your interior more colorful and add beautiful centerpieces, but they also have beneficial effects. Plants take in the carbon dioxide that we breath out and then convert it to clean oxygen. But breathing easy is not the only benefit that these green beings can bring you. They can also reduce noise, boost your mood and even reduce stress. But just putting plants inside won’t be enough, you need the right kind of lighting to help them grow. In this article, we will be covering some great TORCHSTA and LEONLITE products that will help you grow your favorite greenery.

The first thing that you need to know before you go out shopping for a grow light is their light spectrum. By this, I mean the kinds of light that the grow light will be producing. Nowadays, LED grow lights either use a combination of red and blue light or a full spectrum to help promote the healthy growth of stems, leaves, roots, and to make sure it is flowering and fruiting properly. You also need to make sure that if you are buying a fixture that the plant sits inside of then you need to make sure that the spacing between plant and light source is right. Hanging fixtures also have spacing as an important factor, but you can change how far they hang down. Now let’s take a look at some great TORCHSTAR products.

If you have a light you love but still want to upgrade the efficiency of LEDs, then TORCHSTAR’s 16.5W PAR38 LED plant grow light bulb is your best choice. With its standard E26 screw base, this bulb can be used with various fixtures while its low heat emission makes it perfect for delicate plants that are heat-sensitive. The 40⁰ beam angle concentrates the light, making it very efficient at growing your plants. This bulb’s combination of red and blue light is great at making sure your plant grows healthily at all stages. For those that already enjoy growing plants, this grow light bulb is your ideal LED choice.

But that bulb is for fixtures that are already in use. What light do you use if you are just starting to get into plant growing? A good place to start is something small and a great product for that is TORCHSTAR’s plant grow LED light kit. For budding plant growers who want to start with easy to grow smaller plants, this kit is for you. The smart timer loops a working mode of “16hrs on and 8hrs off”, mimicking the normal growing routine of plants under natural conditions. The full spectrum 4000K white light simulates sunlight, boosting both the health and loveliness of your plants. Easy to set up and with an included power adapter, no hardwiring is needed. Just plug it in and enjoy your growing plants.

Now let’s talk about a grow light that is for larger growing needs. The LEONLITE 4ft LED plant grow light fixture, red blue spectrum, is the perfect fixture for growing multiple plants. Combining both red and blue light, this grow light is perfect for all stages of plant growth. The plug-n-play design makes it super easy to install this light and the included accessories let you suspension mount it without much issue. Not only is it great for growing your plants, but its 2835 SMD LED chips are more efficient and better at saving your energy than traditional grow lights. Damp location rated, this grow light can be used to grow certain plants that need humid environments worry-free.

Having plants inside your home is a great way to not only improve your health and decrease your stress but also increase your interior appeal. Grow lights make it very easy to grow these plants in your home, safe from outdoor weather. The spectrum of these lights makes sure that your plants grow up healthy and green. From big to small, TORCHSTAR’s and LEONLITE’s family of grow light products are ready to make your home a greener, happier place.

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