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Why Choose Warm White Over Cool White

By Ryan Iversen on 10/29/2019


Why Choose Warm White Over Cool White

Winter is almost upon us, and with it comes chilly winds, snow and cool days. During this time of year, we spend more time in our homes out of the cold and in a place that is warm. Our homes’ lighting plays an important part during this time of year, especially the color of the light. The light’s color temperature can affect how we feel and our moods as well. In this article, we will be going over why warm white is the right choice during this cold season and how it affects us.

Now, what is “warm white” exactly? Warm white is the name given to lights that have a color temperature that is qualified at 3000K. This light possesses a yellowish color to it that makes people feel warm, thus the name is warm white. This effect is psychological and can also affect our moods. Warm white is also close to the color of a sunset while cool white, 4000K, is more of a paper white color. While warm white makes us feel warm, cool white has the opposite effect and can make us feel cold.

Warm white also plays a role in our circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are 24hr cycles that run in the background of our brains. Also called a sleep/wake cycle, this rhythm cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. So how does the color of light affect this rhythm? In nature, as the sunsets and night approaches, your body starts to produce hormones that make it easier to fall asleep. Warm color temperatures like warm white mimic this and can cause these hormones to be produced without the sun. Cool color temperatures like cool white mimic midday light and suppresses these sleep causing hormones.

This is important for places where relaxation are key like bedrooms and living rooms. These rooms promote relaxation and comfort so having light fixtures like floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lights with a warm white color temperature are great for making a complete lighting plan. The comforting mood created from these warm white lights is also useful when you have guests over as the warm color helps them unwind and feel at ease inside your home.

Lights used for parties and holidays also benefit from having a warm white color temperature as well. These events want to instill a sense of fun, comfort and relaxation. Warm white helps with that thanks to the warming affect the color temperature has. Cool white, on the other hand, is mostly used in work environments and would conflict with what is supposed to be a fun and comforting event. Make sure you are choosing the right color temperature for the right application.

Warm white is a color temperature that many should consider as winter approaches ever closer. It helps support your circadian rhythm and makes you feel warm and comfortable inside your home. From helping you get ready to sleep to being the right color temperature for a celebration, warm white has many advantages over cool white.

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