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How to Install LED Strip Lights

By Ryan Iversen on 08/22/2019


How to Install LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are an amazingly popular LED product that many people in the DIY community like to use. These flexible lights can be used for many things depending on the model of strip light used. In this article, we will be going over the basic on how to install strip lights and where exactly you can use these great LED products in your own home.

The first thing that needs to be done when installing strip lights is planning. Are you planning on installing the strip lights indoors or outdoors? Are the ones you are buying include a power supply? If not, do you need to purchase a 12V or 24V one? Is one reel of strip lights enough for the project? Do you need to purchase extra wire and connectors? Are you going to need mounting brackets or a channel? These kind of questions can be answered in the planning phase with some research. After planning we can start the installation.

The first step is to install the strip light itself in the desired location. Now this can be done a few different ways. The first is the simplest and the most straightforward, peeling off the adhesive backing and pressing the strip light into place. The adhesive is strong enough to hold the strip light, but if you’re worried about how long the hold will last, you can use the other methods. The next method you can use to install the strip lights is to use mounting brackets. These brackets hold the strip light in place and is secured by screws. You need to make sure that you space these brackets out correctly so the strip light doesn’t droop. The last method is to use an aluminum channel. Not only will the channel hold the strip light in place, but the included diffuser cover will create a spectacular lighting effect.

Now let’s say when you were installing the strip, you had to cut the strip and now you need to wire them together. You could solder them, or you can use another, less complicated method. The solderless connectors from TORCHSTAR let you connect lengths of strip lights together very quickly. With connectors for both single color and RGB strips, these connectors are a great accessory to have with strip lights. There are also connectors that let you connect to a DC low voltage power source and connectors that let you make 90° turns or even connect multiple strips into a “T” or a cross formation.

Now that the strip lights are in place and wired, they need to get power. This is where power sources come in. Without a power source, strip lights won’t light up. But be careful and never wire a strip light your home’s power circuits. Strip lights are designed to work with DC low voltage power and not the 120V AC power of your home. Connecting strip lights to your home’s power almost guarantees that you will ruin them. If your strip lights don’t come with a power supply or transformer, then you need to purchase it by yourself.

Now there are some accessories that you can add in-line with your strip lights to add more control. Wifi compatible controllers from TORCHSTAR let you control your strip lights with a remote or with your smartphone through the separate hub. These controls also allow for dimming capabilities as well, letting you dim your strip lights when you need to. These controllers are installed in-line with the strip lights so all you need to do is make sure the power goes into the controller and make sure the controller is wired to the strip lights.

Strip lights are great LED products, not only for the light they produce, but also their flexible uses. They have many applications indoors and can be used outdoors if you are using a waterproof model. You can use strip lights as an under cabinet light, as an accent light in your home’s interior, as a lights on outdoor furniture and features, under bar countertops, behind shelves, or even as a back light for TV or computer monitors.

Strip lights are an amazing product with a variety of uses. Now that you know the basics of how to install, all you need to do is go out and start your projects. TORCHSTAR is more than happy to fulfill your LED strip light needs.

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