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How to Install LED String Lights

By Ryan Iversen on 08/14/2019


How to Install LED String Lights

String lights are a great way to decorate your home with lighting, both inside and out. But not all types of string lights are the same size or shape. This leads to different needs when it comes to installation. The way you install a string light made for the outdoors is going to be more different than the way you install an indoor one. In this article, we will be going over how to install some of the fantastic string lights from TORCHSTAR and what applications they can be used for.

Let’s start by talking about indoor string lights. These string lights are made for use inside a building and it shows with some models. Battery and USB powered string lights, because of the power sources they are designed to work with, have a smaller size that makes them very light and easy to handle. A surprising great way to install these kinds of string lights without real damage to your interior is to use clear scotch tape. Just make sure that you are using enough to hold the string lights in place, but not too much as it becomes easily visible. TORCHSTAR’s variety of battery and USB powered string lights are perfect indoor decorative lights for events like Christmas and birthdays. Use them on the mantle, hang them by the window or even use them in a vase as a neat decorative piece.

Now let’s move on to an indoor string light of a larger size. Curtain lights create a large area of lighting that, as the name implies, is great to use over curtains. Weddings and parties are great events to use curtain lights as they can create amazing accent lighting effects that are memorable. Because of the larger size compared to the smaller USB and Battery powered string lights, scotch tape won’t be strong enough to hold it. If your hanging the curtain light from something like a curtain rod or fence, then using zip ties to keep it in place is a smart choice.

If you are using some of TORCHSTAR’s waterproof string lights, then you need a different method to keep them in place outdoors. If you are placing them under something like an eave or around a window frame, then you will need some screw-in hooks. These hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all relatively do the same job. With these hooks, you can hang string lights from them, keeping the lights off the ground and above your head. If you can’t use screw-in hooks for whatever reason, then staples are an acceptable substitute. Just make sure that they are large enough so that the insulation on the string light’s wire won’t be damaged. Christmas, Halloween, Easter and more, waterproof string lights can bring festive lighting even in the rain.

Another type of outdoor string light that TORCHSTAR offers is unique for that it is solar powered. While hanging the string light itself is not that different from other outdoor string lights, screw-in hooks or staples depending on the situation, the installation gets different when you need to install the power source. Because these string lights are solar powered, they come with an attached solar panel that needs to be installed as well. The solar panel can be either staked into the ground or screwed to a wall. In both cases, you need to make sure that the solar panel needs to be installed in an area that gets direct sunlight. For people that want to save energy and the environment, these solar powered string lights are a perfect alternative to other outdoor string lights.

The last type of string lights that we are going over has two ways of installing it. What is this type of string lights? Sometimes referred to as bistro lights, for its popularity as an outdoor lighting source for small restaurants, these string lights can be hung up all year round. Using either a screw-in hook every interval that has a hole for them, or runs with a guide wire to cover large distances, these lights add a comforting ambience that can be felt year round. Covered patios, between trees, spread across poles or even hung in gazeebos, these string lights are an outstanding choice for outdoor lighting that can be enjoyed, even outside of festive events.

TORCHSTAR’s family of string lights are great for lighting festive events, Different sizes of string lights need to be installed in different ways. Be it tape, zip ties, staples or screw-in hooks, hanging your string lights will be a project that is easy to do.

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