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Solar Powered Lighting

By By Ryan Iversen on 07/26/ on 07/30/2019


Solar Powered Lighting

Solar powered lighting products have come a long way. The solar powered lights of today are not only longer lasting, but they are brighter than their ancestors from years ago. Solar powered lights gained a huge boost in popularity with the rise of LEDs. Being a high efficiency light source, LEDs need a lot less power to still be bright, a perfect light to use with solar powered fixtures.

Solar lights are also popular with do-it-yourselfers as there isn’t any wiring involved with their installation. So the hassle of wiring into your home’s main power or connecting them to wire run from a transformer is eliminated. All you really need to do is find a location that you like and make sure that it gets direct sunlight, and just use some screws to lock it in place or stake it into the ground. In this article, we will be going over some of the spectacular outdoor solar powered lights Torchstar has to offer.

A great place to start talking about these solar lights is your wall. Torchstar makes amazing wall pack lights and the solar powered wall pack lights are just as amazing. These solar powered wall pack lights come with built-in motion sensors. Not only does this provide security, but it grants you safety as well. Install them on a wall near a path and that path will light up when someone walks by it. There is also a model with four lighting modes that let you choose the mode that best suits your situation.

While wall pack lights offer both security and can be used as a utility light, Torchstar’s solar powered security lights are there to scare off would be intruders. A great example of these lights is the model that mimics a CCTV security camera. Not only does its body have the look, but it also has an exclusive antenna that will trick trespassers when they see it. It also has two modes. The first mode, Lighting Mode, keeps the light off during the day to charge. When motion is detected at night, the red light flashes twice then the light turns on and stays on for 15s. It will then turn off after 15s of no further motion.

The second mode is Imitation Camera Mode. Like the name implies, this mode mimics a real security camera. The main light is turned off and will not turn on. The red light on the other hand will flash when motion is detected by the sensor. This simulates real night-vision recording equipment, scaring off anyone who has enters your property uninvited. It also comes with replaceable 2000mAh 18650 lithium batteries. These batteries are UL listed and have protection from both overcharging and over-discharging.

From the wall, we move on to the deck and with it comes another type of solar powered light. This type of solar powered light is Torchstar’s solar powered step light. Like regular step lights, these lights get installed in to your outdoor and deck stairs. This way the steps and risers are lit, making it safer to up and down these stairs at night. They’re waterproof, can be lit continuously for 8hrs and only need 8hrs of sunlight to fully charge. Since these are solar powered step lights, you don’t need to run wiring to the steps, making installing these lights a lot easier.

Do you want to set the festive mood, but you don’t want to run extension cables out where they will get tripped over or disconnected? Then Torchstar’s solar powered string lights are perfect for you. These flexible and long lights not only create the right atmosphere for a festive event or party, but they also come with 8 modes as well. Choose your favorite mood from the 8 to add a special touch to your party. The pocket sized solar panel that powers these lights comes with an attached 9inch ground stake for a sturdy install.

Finally, we move on to the ground. If you have landscaping like a pathway or garden you wish to light up, then Torchstar’s solar torch lights are a fantastic option. The vintage style and burning fire like light inside it adds a unique touch to your landscape. The IP65 waterproof rating guarantees a great and long lasting use that will stand up in the rain. Unlike hardwire path lights, all you need to do is stick the ground stake in the location where it will get direct sunlight.

These outdoor solar lights are great for people who want to enjoy their outdoor spaces and feel safe while also avoiding tricky installs. For those that are starting DIYers or don’t want to deal with wiring, solar lights are an excellent choice. Torchstar’s family of solar powered LED lights are ready for your outdoor project when you are.

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