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Lighting The Landscape

By By Ryan Iversen on 07/15/ on 07/19/2019


Lighting The Landscape

Your home is something you work hard to maintain, both inside and out. While the interior is a sight to see for guests and family, the exterior is something that can be seen by almost anyone. Your home’s exterior, the outer walls and landscaping, give your home curve appeal that makes it a pleasant thing to view and also boosts its value when it’s finally time to sell. But at night, those outdoor details can simply fade away without a source of lighting, making that hard work feel useless. Well not anymore. In this article, we will be going over some of the great landscape lighting products Torchstar has to offer.

Now let’s make one thing clear before we go over these products in a little more detail. The products talked about in this article are 12V low voltage landscape lights. That means these lights only work on a low voltage system. Not only that but some are designed for DC 12V only while others work with both DC and AC 12V. The listings for these products will tell you if they are AC/DC or just DC 12V. Also never wire low voltage LEDs to your home’s main power supply as that will ruin your LED and in the absolute work case, cause them to explode. Now with that out of the way, we can now cover these landscape lights.

Many homes have outdoor details that need to be highlighted at night to show off the time and effort that was put into them. Gardens are made to house a variety of plants that are beautiful to look at and pathways are laid to create a safe place for people to travel without steeping on lawns or in plant beds. These features need to illuminated and path lights are perfect for the job. Torchstar’s path lights only use 3W of power to light up your pathways and gardens, 1/6th of the power needed to light up halogen lights. This makes pathways safe to travel on at night. For gardens, it not only highlights the plants in them, but it also creates a perimeter like effect that keeps people from stepping into your gardens.

Other features that benefit from being illuminated at night are the sides of your home and trees. A different type of landscape light is used for these features and it is referred to as an up light. Torchstar’s up lights, as the name implies, shine their light upwards from below. They are also adjustable, so you can change the angle they shine their light at to fit your needs. This does an amazing job at highlighting walls and trees, as the light not only can highlight the details of walls and tree trunks, but it can also light up the foliage in the tree’s canopy. Using up lights on your home’s architecture also has the benefit of creating more focal points for people to admire. You don’t have to worry about glare issues, because these up lights lenses eliminate eye-irritation.

Path lights and up lights are great types of landscape lights, but they do have one thing that needs to address, they are above ground. Well, how can this be an issue? This little tidbit only becomes an issue when these lights are installed on a lawn. Installing these landscape lights on lawns makes them susceptible to damage cause by lawn care equipment like lawn mowers. Luckily there is a type of landscape light that can be installed and will be safe from this type of damage. They are known as well lights.

Well lights are designed to be installed below ground, making them safe to place in a lawn. Well lights don’t stick out above ground, so they can also be installed in high traffic areas without worry. Torchstar’s well lights have an IP67 waterproof rating, this means they can be place in a location that gets a lot of water and you don’t have to worry about something going wrong. This makes well lights a spectacular choice for installing lights near pools as their waterproof rating will keep them safe.

Outdoor decking is also an outdoor feature that is perfect to light up. But how do you do this? With deck lights of course. Torchstar’s deck lights come in two types, one that is surface mounted and shines the light downwards and the other type is recessed into the deck. The recessed type of deck light also comes with its own power supply you can have them on their only power with your other landscape lights are connected to a separate transformer. The surface mounted deck lights can be directly wired to the system the other landscape lights are wired to so you don’t have to create another system.

Torchstar also offers accessories that are perfect for low voltage landscape lights, like the 16/2 low voltage outdoor cable and waterproof outdoor wire nuts. The outdoor landscape lighting cable is 100ft in length, perfect for those simple and quick installs that can be done in an afternoon. The outdoor wire connectors are rated for wet locations and can be used with outdoor wire as small as 22 gauge up to wire that is as large as 12 gauge. These two accessories are a must have with your landscape lights.

Landscape lights are an excellent way to add not only lighting to your outdoor spaces, but they are also perfect for increasing your home’s value. The low voltage power guarantees your guess safety as well as your own while you enjoy the outdoor amenities at night. The great products that are offered by Torchstar are ready for your next outdoor lighting project.

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