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Lighting on the Job

By By Ryan Iversen on 07/02/ on 07/06/2019


Lighting on the Job

Getting the job done is important for everyone, no matter what that job would be. It could be home repair, a tune-up on the car or something that is done in the outdoors. For all of these instances, we need the right lighting. But sometimes we can’t get that light naturally, for that we have work lights. Work lights are perfect at giving the right amount of illumination you need to complete the task at hand. They also make doing that task a lot safer as when you have less light to see with, it’s more likely for an accident to occur. In this article, we will be going over some of the amazing work lights that TORCHSTAR offers.

If you have ever done a project in your home or in a shop, then you know that you need light in the right spot, but you also need both of your hands free. In those kinds of situations, TORCHSTAR has you covered with the LED clamp work lamp. This ETL listed fixture’s light head can rotate 360° horizontally and 180° up & down to direct the light exactly where you need it. The clamp keeps it firmly in place, letting you finish up your work without worrying about lighting.

Some people don’t need a new work light, because they already have one that works. But at the same time, it’s pretty tiring to buy multiple replacement bulbs because they fail so fast. But at the same time, the work light you have is still working perfectly. So what now? Thankfully TORCHSTAR offers replacement bulbs. LED bulbs like the R7S base LED bulbs last longer than traditional halogen bulbs and use less energy. This means you can use your work light longer without needing to replace the whole fixture and still enjoy the benefits of LEDs.

For some jobs, temporary lights need to be set up for not only your safety but the safety of those around you as well. Without adequate lighting, a job site can become very dangerous and accidents can start piling up. This is why TORCHSTAR offers temporary work lights. These work lights are not only bright, but they are also designed to be plug-n-play, letting you hang them up, plug them in and have great lighting. This also means that they are easy to take down once the job is done. All models come with a protective anti-collision guard to protect the light from falls. There are also some models that are linkable, making them easier to set up multiple lights and save on power outlets.

If you have a garage that you do work in or a dedicated workshop, then you know that they need to be well lit to get jobs done. It is always important to be able to see what you are doing, especially around tools that can cause you injuries if you aren’t being careful. For this reason, shop lights are perfect for lighting these areas and LED technology has eliminated the need for replacement tubes. TORCHSTAR’s utility shop lights can be surface or suspension mounted to fit your needs. They are also linkable so you can light more space while only using a single plug.

While these lights don’t directly help you with completing jobs, they are still extremely important for workplaces to have. I’m talking about emergency exit signs. These signs are made to show where you can exit a building if there is an emergency. TORCHSTAR’s emergency exit signs come in different styles and all come with battery back-up power so they can remain lit, even if there is a power outage. These kinds of lights are vital for locations like warehouses, office buildings, schools and other applications where there are a lot of people inside that need to exit quickly and safely.

Work lights are great at making sure our places of work or where we are completing a task are lit with the light we need. The work lights that TORCHSTAR offers our customers are great fixtures that are ready to help.

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