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Shining Down on You

By By Ryan Iversen on 06/24/ on 06/27/2019


Shining Down on You

Down lighting is arguably the most commonly used form of lighting we have in the world. This form of lighting is also how things are naturally lighted in nature, the sun’s ray shines down on us and the area around us, lighting them up. Downlights do the exact same thing but instead of a star producing the light, it’s a light or as it’s now done predominantly, an array of LED chips. The LED technology has transformed down lighting as it has done with other forms of lighting on the market.

In this article, we will be going over some of the amazing LED products that TORCHSTAR offers to their customers. Downlights might seem like a simple category of lights, but they are more diverse than you think. There are downlights that mount to your ceiling without the need for a big hole, LED panel lights that are a great fit for drop ceilings and of course recessed downlights that are practically in every home. Recessed downlights can be found in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and hallways. Since there are different types of recessed downlights, we will be going over them last.

When you looking to install a light on your ceiling, sometimes cutting a hole in it to fit a light up in there might not be the best choice. There might not be enough space in the ceiling or there are obstructions like AC vents and pipes running through it that make it very tricky to fit recessed housing up in it. Thankfully flush mounted downlight fixtures sit on the surface of the ceiling. TORCHSTAR’s flush mount downlights are designed to not only provide the light you need, but they also look beautiful, adding to your interior décor.

The next kind of downlight we will be going over works well in a drop ceiling. What is a drop ceiling? A drop ceiling is a type of ceiling that isn’t permanently fixed to the support above it. Instead, it has brackets that are suspended and on those brackets are ceiling tiles that create a surface above our heads. They can be commonly found in office buildings and schools. While old school fluorescent fixtures are very commonly associated with them, many drop ceilings not use LED panel lights. As the name implies, these lights are a flat panel that shines light downwards. Their large surface area makes them great for area lighting. Thanks to the LED technology, TORCHSTAR’s LED panel lights are thinner, lighter and are easy to deal with.

Now it’s time to discuss the type of light that most think about when they hear downlight, recessed lights. While there is a general idea of what a recessed downlight looks like, the reality is that there are different types of recessed downlights and different designs as well. There are the housings that we commonly see in a remodel and retrofit, but there are new construction fixtures and slim models that do away with large housing entirely. TORCHSTAR offers all of these kinds of recessed downlights and we’ll be going over them right now.

If you have ever done a remodel of a room or a retrofit of an already existing lighting system, chances are that you have seen recessed retrofit housing. TORCHSTAR’s recessed housing comes in both 4inch and 6inch sizes that are IC rated and there are models that are compatible with E26 base lights as well as lights that have a TP24 connector. You can get lights for these recessed housing from TORCHSTAR that are both light and trim.

If you build a ceiling from scratch and want to add recessed lights, then you are going to be using another type of recessed housing. As they are aptly named, TORCHSTAR’s new construction recessed housings are made to fit into currently under construction ceilings. IC rated like these retrofit counterparts, these housings use the attached extendable hanger bars on the side to lock them in place between the ceiling joist. They also come in E26 and TP24 connector models as well, so you can use the lights that are mentioned with the retrofit housings.

Sometimes we don’t have enough space above our heads. Some ceilings are just made too shallow for a recessed housing to be installed. Or the construction of the ceiling just has things installed in it that makes the space in it super tight. Does this mean you can’t install recessed lights in these ceilings? Of course not, you just need a recessed light that is slimmer. TORCHSTAR’s slim recessed lights with junction box are an all in one lighting product. They are integrated with the light, trim and junction box, so you can install them and forget about bulky housing.

Overall, down lighting is a great way to add much needed lighting to our indoor spaces. From flush mounts that fit on the surface to slim recessed that can be installed in the shallowest ceilings. TORCHSTAR’s LED downlights are ready to brighten up your spaces.

Strip lights are a fantastic form of LED lights. Their design makes their uses flexible, so they can fit many projects to add a little something extra. With this how-to, you have hopefully learned the basics on how to install them and have gotten some ideas for future projects as well. TORCHSTAR will always be willing to fulfill your LED lighting needs.

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