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How to Install Outdoor Security Lights

By By Ryan Iversen on 06/10/ on 06/13/2019


How to Install Outdoor Security Lights

The feeling of safety and security is something that we all want and need. Especially for our homes as us and our families live there. For those who want to keep unwanted visitors away at night or need extra lighting in the evening, there are outdoor security lights. Today we will be going over how to install the different types of security lights that TORCHSTAR offers and extra info that will make using these lights just a bit easier.

Now, something I always like to advise doing before undertaking a project that is a plan. Where do you want to place your outdoor security light? Will the light make the location safe from trespassers? Will this light be enough to cover the area that you need it to cover? All of these questions need to be answered and planed & researched to make getting answers faster as well as easier. Now another to decide is, do you install this light yourself or hire a licensed electrician to do it?

For those that are very confident in their DIY skills and have the experience needed, then a project like this one should be finished without any real headaches to deal with. If you aren’t confident in your skills or not a DIYer, then there is no shame in hiring a licensed electrician to install a security light for you. Doing this will not only ensure the project get done but also that everything will fit your local codes.

Now the first thing to do on any project involving electrical work that is to turn off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box before installing the light. Doing this significantly cuts down on the risk of electric shocks and makes the installation safer. Wearing safety glasses and gloves add more protection as well as it’s better to be safe than sorry. The next step involves the junction box. If you are replacing an old light with a new one, then you can use the original junction box and hook up the wires as well as the mounting bracket if that is needed. If the location you want to install your light at doesn’t have a junction box, then you need to add one.

Since you are installing a light fixture, you will need to use a light fixture junction box. This kind of renovation is a kind of advance, so if you are not comfortable with cutting into the wall, securing the junction box in place and wiring it correctly, then hire a licensed electrician as they will get this done for you in less than a day. With the box installed, you can now wire up the light to it, but make sure it is wired correctly.

Let’s go over how you would wire a dual head motion sensing security light and a barn light, there is another outdoor security light we will discuss a little later. What you need to do is to connect the wires together. The light’s black wire needs to be connected to the home’s black wire as these are your Line wires. Next, the light’s white wire needs to be connected to the home’s white wire as these are your Neutral wires. The last wires to connect are the light’s green wire and the home’s ground wire. The ground wire will either be bare copper or covered with green plastic coating.

Make sure that these connected wires are capped off with a wire nut. You can make the wire nut secure on the wires by twisting it tightly clockwise and wrapping the connecting in an electrical tape will make it more secure. Now, if are installing one of TORCHSTAR’s solar powered outdoor security lights, then you don’t need to worry about wiring at all. Just secure it to the intended location and enjoy.

Now it is time to go over how these outdoor security lights differ from each other, specifically dual head motion sensing security lights and barn lights. We will be going over the need to know about the solar powered security lights a little later. The dual head motion sensing security light turns on when motion is detected by the sensor, but it also has a photocell, so it will not turn on during the day. Barn lights operate by the built-in photocell, turn on at dusk and then off at dawn.

Some models of dual head motion sensing security lights have three modes that can be changed by moving a sliding switch on the bottom of the sensor. They also have three knobs that control how much light is needed to trigger the photocell, from very little at the minimum setting and very much at the maximum. The other two control the amount of time the light will stay on after no further motion is detected and how far the sensor can detect motion. Barn lights operate automatically, but you can wire them to a switch to control their operating time. Covering the photocell with something like black tape means it will turn on when to flip the switch on and off when the switch is flipped off.

While they don’t need to be wired, there are a few things to keep in mind with solar powered outdoor security lights. Since these lights aren’t attached to a junction box, but instead a wall, you will need to make sure that the screws are tightened correctly to hold the light in place. Also keep in mind that because the light is solar powered, it needs to have adequate sunlight reaching the solar panel. Without enough sunlight, the light won’t light up properly. The light also needs to charge for at least 24hrs in total before using for the first time. If it doesn’t charge for the right amount of time, it won’t turn on.

All in all, security lights are great for adding a safe and secure feel to your home. With brighten up areas, would-be trespassers are less likely to enter your property. Dual head motion sensing security lights, barn lights and even solar powered security lights are an excellent choice for outdoor lighting and TORCHSTAR is more than happy to offer its lights for your next project.

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