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Pocket Sized Lighting

By By Ryan Iversen on 06/03/ on 06/06/2019


Pocket Sized Lighting

Sometimes we can’t always have our lights stay in the same place all the time. Recessed lighting, wall lights and strip lights are all great lighting products to have, but for some occupations, they don’t shine their light where we need it to finish up a job. Or on the other hand, we travel somewhere that doesn’t have the infrastructure needed to use these types of lights. For situations like these, we have portable lighting.

LEDs, because of their low power requirements, allow for portable lighting products that are not only far brighter, but also can last longer than their traditional lighting counterparts. Sometimes, work can take you to places where you need to use portable lighting. Today we will be going over some of the fantastic portable lighting products that TORCHSTAR offers and their uses that will make you keep some lights in your pocket.

Flashlights have always been a very handy tool to keep around. They’re portable, battery powered and can come in different sizes and types to fit different jobs. TORCHSTAR’s multi-purpose LED flashlight not only works like its traditional counterparts, but it can extend and work as a flood light. This makes it perfect to have on hand when an emergency occurs or when you just need more light. TORCHSTAR also offers UV flashlights to help find things you normally can’t see like dirt, urine stains and those annoying creepy crawlers.

When you are doing work on cars or other appliances, you can’t always be near an outlet and you need your hands free to finish the job. TORCHSTAR’s portable work lights solve these issues by not only having a battery powered design, but they also have magnetic bases and hanging hooks that keep them in place while leaving your hands free to get your job done. One model even allows you to change its angle to help direct the light to where you need it.

Camping is a great way to remove the stress of urban life and relax in the great outdoors. But enjoying the outdoors means you have to use portable tools for basic functions like cooking, cleaning and of course, lighting. TORCHSTAR’s camping lanterns are not just an excellent rechargeable light source, but you can also get models with 4 levels of brightness. Some even have a USB charging port so you can use it as a portable battery charger for your smartphones.

Lighting doesn’t always have to be stuck in the same place all the time. TORCHSTAR’s portable LED lights are great lights for anyone on the go or just need something not tied to the wall. With these great products, you also can have light in your pocket.

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