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Accent Your Home

By Ryan Iversen on 05/16/2019


Accent Your Home

Lighting your home is more than just about being able to see. It can also set the mood, add to your decorative style and even help guests focus on key pieces that you want to be seen. When you want the light to directly highlight certain objects like artwork, pottery, plants and so on, you are looking to accent light them. Because of this broad definition, many types of lights can be considered accent lights. Today we will be looking at the types of accent lights that Torchstar offers.

The first type of accent light we will be covering are track lights. Track lights are light heads installed on a track and let you adjust the light to your preferences. The light heads position and direction can be changed, letting you choose where exactly the light shines. Not only does TORCHSTAR offers LED replacement bulbs and full track light fixtures, but they also provide track light heads that are compatible with H type 3-wire-1 circuit track light systems and Halo light circuits.

A type of accent light that is well known is picture lights. These lights are directly mounted above artwork and other wall decoration. They are used to proudly display them as a focal point that draws the eye to them. This beautiful focal point becomes a centerpiece of the room they are displayed in. The picture lights offered by TORCHSTAR come in different sizes, finishes and looks to best fit your needs and application. Designed for both a plug-n-play and hardwire installation, these picture lights give you a flexible use that fits your needs.

Under-cabinet lights are another type of accent light as well as functioning as task lighting. When placed correctly, not only will under-cabinet lights provide you a well-lit counter top for different culinary activities, but also highlights unique features and décor that adds to the look of your kitchen. TORCHSTAR’s light bars focus more on the task lighting aspect of under-cabinet lighting while the offered puck lights can be placed to highlight what you want to light up for a more creative look.

Strip lights are a very unique choice for accent lighting. There adhesive backing allows you to place them anywhere and can add brilliant lighting effects. Single color or RGB color changing, the strip lights offered and extra accessories offered by TORCHSTAR make different uses for strip lights all different and amazing. Under shelves, along stairs, under bars or in channels, strip lights are great for adding a beautiful effect to your home.

As implied with the name, wall sconces are installed on walls to change the room’s atmosphere to your liking. The 12W LED square wall sconce offered by TORCHSTAR uses its 6000K pure white light and frosted lampshade to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room it is installed in. The sleek and modern look of this sconce compliments different furnishing styles while still creating focal points that draw your eye.

If you ever wanted to add a decorative effect to your glass shelf, glass cabinet, countertop or liquor shelf, then TORCHSTAR has the right light for you. The glass edge lighting kit adds a low heat, dazzling lighting effect that disperses naturally through glass for an eye-catching effect. The low heat emission makes this kit perfect for applications that are heat sensitive. The kit’s included controller lets you easily switch between the 16 vibrant colors and 4 modes to find the look that best fits your needs.

When you want to highlight the unique features and decorations of your home, accent lighting is always a great choice that you can’t pass up. Furniture, artwork, shelves and décor, accent lighting turns all this into focal points that your guests will always notice. For your accent lighting needs that must be fulfilled, Torchstar is more than happy to help.

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