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Accessories to Lighting

By Ryan Iversen on 05/06/2019


Accessories to Lighting

Sometimes you need more than just a bulb to finish a lighting project. Other times you just need something to add to an already existing lighting system to take it to the next level. Connectors, power supplies, adaptors, amplifiers, decoders, even dimmers and controllers. LEDs have plenty of accessories to add to your lights and TORCHSTAR has many great products to help make that happen.

Now each accessory has different functions and is designed to work with different types of lights. Some connectors are designed to work with strip lights while others are made for use with low voltage landscape lighting. Because each accessory is going to have a different use, we will be going over the different categories in this article and discuss some of the great products that TORCHSTAR offers to its customers.

Power supplies and power adapters are a group of products that keep your lights energized. Not only are there AC to DC power converters for strip lights, but there are also the smart outlet series of products. These outlets can be controlled with the LITEdge app and even Amazon Alexa. This allows for long distance control of your appliances even if you’re halfway around the world. As long as you have wifi access, you can control all connected appliances with a press of your finger.

Dimmers and controllers are an interesting group of accessories as they add effects to your lighting that can either entertain or change the ambience. TORCHSTAR has both your classic wall dimmers for your fixtures like ceiling lights as well as in line dimmers for strip lights. The controllers include multi-zone controllers for color changing strip lights, time controllers to automatically turn lights on/off and even dim them and even motion sensors that turn your lights on when they detect movement.

Connectors and power cords are a group of accessories designed to make connecting certain lights easier. The wire connectors make connecting the wires of low voltage landscape lights to the main power lines a lot easier. There are also connectors for strip lights as well. These connectors come in both models for single color and RGB strip lights. The connectors make going around corners, across gaps and even connecting to DC power supplies a lot easier. There are also mounting brackets for strip lights as well to keep them in place more securely.

TORCHSTAR also offers extension wires for strip lights so you don’t need to place the strips close to a power source.

Another type of accessory that TORCHSTAR offers is decoders and amplifiers for DMX systems. These two devices will help make your DMX system light up the night. If you have a device that uses a USB cable to charge, then you will enjoy TORCHSTAR’s USB battery packs. These battery packs let you charge your devices like tablets and smartphones without needing to be near an outlet. These battery packs come in different types and you can get them in different colors as well on some.

TORCHSTAR also offers its customers bulb socket adapters. What these adapters do is to let you use a bulb in a socket that normally wouldn’t accept it. These adapters can allow a candelabra bulb to work in a standard E26/E27 socket. TORCHSTAR also offers what is called a socket splitter adapter. The splitter adapter lets one socket power multiple bulbs at the same time. This means you can have more lights powered by a single socket with these adapters.

These accessories help you customize your lighting experience. Whether it be by wirelessly controlling your appliances or by connecting strip lights without soldering. TORCHSTAR is happy to provide accessories for your lighting projects.

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