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The Safe and Bright Outdoors

By Ryan Iversen on 04/10/2019


The Safe and Bright Outdoors

Our homes are a place where we should always be able to feel safe and secure, no matter the time of day. But unwanted intruders and trespassers can destroy this feeling and our peace of mind. Thankfully there is a way to combat this, and it involves lighting. Today we will be going over the benefits of security lights and the types that TORCHSTAR offers.

LED security lighting not only makes your home safer, but it also has other benefits as well. For one, it makes your home well lit at night. Not only does this make it safer by deterring would-be intruders, but with another type of outdoor lighting, it can also increase your home’s value. Intruders are less likely to trespass when a property is well lit as there are fewer places to hide. Another benefit is that they are very energy efficient. On certain models, you can set them to only turn on for a certain amount of time when motion is detected. This will tie in later with the modes a certain type of security has. Lastly, they can be installed in almost any location around the outside of your house. Now that we went over the benefits, it’s time to talk about the types of security lights TORCHSTAR offers.

The type we will be talking about first is the popular dual-head security light. They, along with their cousins the 3-head security lights, have a motion and photo sensor built in to them. Now these sensors detect different things. The photo sensor, also called a photocell, detects the level of light in the surrounding area. This sensor will keep the light off during the day and will only let the light turn on at night when the light levels drop enough. The motion sensor turns the light on when motion is detected, like the name implies. These sensors together keep the light working efficiently as they limit the amount of time it is on. These lights also come with three different modes to fit your preferences.

These three modes are Auto, On Time and Dusk-to-Dawn. Auto is a very common mode for these lights to be set to. In Auto mode, the light automatically turns on for a set amount of time, which is adjustable with a knob, when motion is detected at night. It will not turn on during the day in this mode. The next mode is On time. In this mode, when the light is wired to a switch, the security light will work just like a normal light bulb without input from the photocell and motion sensor. Finally, there is a Dusk-to-Dawn mode. This mode turns the light on automatically at dusk and keeps it on until the break of dawn. You can switch between each mode by using the three knobs and a single switch on the bottom of the motion sensor of these lights. You can also get dual-head security lights that only have the Dusk-to-Dawn operation if that is all you need.

Another type of security light is the barn light. Barn Lights are installed in high up spots and shine their light down to cover a large area on the ground. These lights also have a photocell that keeps them on for Dusk-to-Dawn operation without needing a switch to control them. TORCHSTAR offers barn lights in different styles, like the gooseneck style. Unlike motion activated dual-head security lights, you will mostly use these lights to light up large area throughout the night for both safe travels and to deter would-be thieves from breaking in. The higher installation height also possesses another advantage as thieves or other people with less than positive intentions won’t be able to tamper with them as easily.

Another type of security light that is offered by TORCHSTAR is the solar powered security light. If you don’t want to deal with the wiring at all and don’t want to hire an electrician, then this type of security light will be your best choice. The built-in solar panel means that you just need to install these lights in a sunny location, let them fully charge and then enjoy. These solar powered security lights include a photocell and motion sensor. So they will only turn on at night when motion is detected, then off after a certain amount of time.

While this type of outdoor security light is not used for residential applications, this security light still makes things safer. The shoebox parking lot light is a great way for landlords to make tenants and guests feel safer in the parking lot. Unlike the common high and low pressure sodium parking lot lights that bathe the lot in a monotone orange, TORCHSTAR’s shoebox parking lot lights display the lot in vivid, colorful detail. This lets drivers and pedestrians see their surroundings more clearly, making the parking lot a safer place. These lights also come with a photocell as well, so you don’t have to worry about turning them off and on yourself.

Hopefully this has helped you consider your choices in outdoor security lighting. These lights are all about safety and TORCHSTAR is here to help give your peace of mind.

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