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Strip Lights or Puck Lights

By Ryan Iversen on 02/03/2019


Strip Lights or Puck Lights

Under cabinet lighting is an exciting way to bring light underneath your cabinets to light up your countertops and the objects you have under them. It gives the lighting in your home an interesting twist that can be greatly appreciated. But when it comes to this kind of lighting, there are two kinds of light that stand out the most, puck lights and strip lights. Both have their advantages. We will be going over what those are and hopefully give you an idea about which ones you’ll choose.

The one we will be talking about first is most likely the best-known type of LED light on the market currently. LED strip lights have a variety of uses and applications, but today we will be talking about their use as under cabinet lights. For the most part, strip lights are easier to install and offer a wider area of light coverage. Installing strip lights is easy as all you need to do is simply pulling off the cover for the adhesive backing and sticking it into place then hooking them up to a power adaptor and plug them in.

The linear construction of the strip lights and their reasonably long length mean that a large area under your cabinet can be lighted by them. Some strip lights even come with a wireless remote or are even RGB strip lights, letting you change color with the press of a button and letting you turn them off without having to flip a switch. This versatility is what make strip lights a popular choice for many consumers and why they are a popular choice for under cabinet lighting.

Puck lights may not be as versatile as strip lights, but they are very good at what they do. Puck lights, when utilized properly, can create a lighting effect that is as amazing as strip lights. Puck lights also have two mounting options for you to choose from, surface or recessed. Surface mounting is as the name implies, mounting the light and its housing to the surface of the underside of your cabinet. This is the fastest install method for puck lights but the other method has its merits. Recessed mounting puck lights is similar to recess mounting ceiling lights, by cutting a hole into the bottom of your cabinets you can have the light be flush with the surface.

Recessed mounting also means there is less chance of you or your guests accidentally hitting your lights. This protects it from damage that even strip lights are susceptible to. Wiring across gaps is also an advantage puck lights possess. For strip lights, you need special connectors to cross gaps and even to make a corner cleanly. The only way to get around that is to solder wires to the strip, which can be messy. Puck lights let you simply cut the wire and use wire nuts to attach an extension wire to clear large gaps.

In the end, both strip lights and cabinet lights are an excellent choice for under cabinets lighting. Each has its own unique advantages that make it great at what it does and hopefully this has helped you make a decision when you go and install under cabinet lighting.

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