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Light the Halls With LEDs

By Ryan Iversen on 12/25/2018


Light the Halls With LEDs

For many people, holiday lights are used to brighten up the night times around Christmas and Hanukkah. But they often don’t realize is that the different types of lights can be used in different ways with great effect. I’ll walk you through the different types of lights TORCHSTAR offers and tell you why these LED lights can bring you long-lasting yule time cheer.

First, we need to talk about different types of holiday lights and of course, why LEDs give them the advantage to be used for years to come. The lights we will be talking about today are string lights, icicle lights, curtain lights, and net lights. These lights are very common and can bring interesting effects when you use some creativity. We will start by talking about string lights.

String lights can be used for many different applications depending on the type and model, even different holidays. String lights are usually a linear string of wire with lights attached to them. The design is simple but gives you freedom to use it how you want. You can use string lights to frame doors, windows or even wrap them around objects to give them a unique look. The string light’s LED technology lets them run on a lower wattage than traditional lights like incandescent and halogens. This also lets them last for a long time as well.

Next, we have icicle lights. Icicle lights can be sometimes confused with string lights, but they are very different. String lights are characterized by being a single linear length of wire with lights attached to it. Icicle lights are a length of wire that have parts of its branch off at different lengths and the lights are attached to those. This helps the icicle light mimic the look of icicles hanging from your home’s roof or wherever they are placed. You will commonly see them hung from eaves to mimic their namesakes and sometimes they are hanged from windows. You can even place them along the ridges of your roof as well, just be safe and cautious when doing that.

The next type of light we will be talking about are curtain lights. Curtain lights are mainly an indoor decorative light, mainly used for window curtains. The characteristics of curtain lights are similar to that of icicle lights, but while the branches of icicle lights are different lengths and are not that long, the branches of curtain lights are usually the same length and will reach the bottom of the curtain. This gives an interesting lighting effect to your window curtains, both inside your home and out. Curtain lights, like string lights, can be used for other holidays like Christmas. You also can see them used on occasions like weddings or celebrations. This gives them some versatility that makes them unique.

The last type of holiday light to talk about is net lights. Net lights are a mesh of wire that lights are attached to and can be wrapped around objects, mostly plants. This light gives your shrubs and bushes a lighting effect that brings out their detail at night. You can also use net lights in a fence like an arrangement or even suspend them up high for an interesting use that would wow onlookers. You are only limited by how you use your imagination.

LEDs are the most energy efficient and long-lasting lighting solution on the market. What used to take 30W to power a strand of lights now can take as little as 3W. With this low power consumption, you don’t have to worry about a large energy bill or drawing too much power, letting you used more lights. This energy efficiency and new innovations in their construction allow them to have a long-lasting lifespan, letting you use your lights year after year.

With this information, I hope that you have new ideas about how to light up your home during the holidays.

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