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Choosing the Right Dimmer Switch

By Rita on 05/27/2017

For many of us, we always love the brightness and durability of the LED bulbs but struggle with the dimming problems. When purchasing a new dimmer switch for your LED bulb, you may find that it doesn’t work or just make a trouble dimming. After reading the article, you will clear all the confusion and learn some tips on choosing the right dimmer switch.


How to ensure your dimmer switch works with your bulb

1. Not all the LED bulbs are dimmable

First, you’ll need to know that not all the bulbs are dimmable, if you decide to install a dimmer switch to the LED bulb; you have to look at the package carefully whether it is labeled “dimmable”. What’s more different bulbs have different dimming range; you should decide what kind of bulbs do you wanted.


2. Not all the LED bulbs are compatible with standard dimmer switch

Sometimes the LED bulbs are not compatible with the dimmer switch. The light bulbs used in a dimmer switch may exceed the wattage capabilities of the bulb itself. Then the light will not work or make a humming or buzzing sound. That’s why it is necessary to make sure that the LED bulbs are compatible with the dimmer switch. (If you want to install the bulb to an existing incandescent dimmer, then you’ll need an LED that’s specifically labeled as being suitable for “incandescent dimmers.” Or refer to the list of compatible Non-LED dimmers to ensure that your existing dimmer model is among the list.)


3. Do not take shortcuts

Someone wants to have a dimmable light, but don’t like to pay the efforts. They would like to take shortcuts that just buy a bulb randomly in a shop, without looking if the bulbs are dimmable. Then some issues occurred, for example, the light may be flicking or broken. These issues can be totally avoidable if you combine the bulb and dimmer switch correctly.


Choosing the right products

1. How much load do you need?

Check the minimum load of your LED compatible dimmer switch before choosing a LED bulb. Problems always occur when the minimum load quantity of the switch is too high for the dimmable bulb. Overloaded dimmer can result in problems such as flickering and trouble dimming. Furthermore overloading can damage the dimmer or shorten its life.


2. How much dimming do you need?

There are a variety of dimmer switch being used, and the type you select will depends on different bulbs. If you want to install a dimmer switch in a media room, you just need the light dimmed down to 0 or 1%, 20% dimming will not be acceptable. So make sure how much dimming do you need before purchasing the dimmer switch.


3. What kind of dimmer switch do you need?

Some dimmer switches are designed for the new installation while others are designed for the traditional fixtures. A dimmer switch installed correctly may lead to a poor performance.

What’s worse some dimmable light doesn’t work or get damaged?


Choosing the right dimmer switch is very important for your dimmable bulb, hope these advice can be helpful for you.