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Nike Opens World’s First LED Running Track in Manila

By Rita on 05/27/2017


Nike created the world’s first full-size LED running track named Unlimited Stadium in Manila. The 200m track is designed uniquely on shape. The track looks like the Nike’s iconic Lunar Epic running shoe or a figure eight that has become the city block.



The track works in the following way: the athletes can set their first lap time through a RFID tag attached to their shoes. Once they complete the first record, a digital version of the athletes will appear on the LED screen, but more larger, faster and taller than the athletes themselves. The athletes can race against with the figure appear on the LED screen. If the athletes beat his/her old record, the digital pacer will be updated to the latest time. The track aims to encourage runners keep pace with the digital pacer and run faster and faster.



Nike’s high-tech running track is regarded as a kind of advertisement for the Lunar Epic, the latest shoes. But the amusing track still attracts many people from all around the world. They want to try the track personally. Most of them believe that the latest shoes will be sold like hot cake once the track coming into use. What’s your opinion about it?