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How to Choose Outdoor Lighting For Your Garage

By Luna on 05/19/2017


Unlike indoor lighting, exterior lighting not only works functionally but also makes your home looks inviting and alluring. It could be satisfying to go for purely practical lighting when it comes to the garage exterior. However, it is the best if you could find the fixture that fully meet your needs in the meanwhile in accordance with the style of your home and exterior lighting. Take some more time to plan and remember that the exterior lighting you choose exerts as important role during the day as when it does at night.

Decide the Number You Need

How many lights you need basically depends on what kind of lighting effect you want to achieve and size of your garage. For a single-car garage, it could be appropriate to install one large lantern style light right above the garage door or two small lighting fixtures on both side of the door. And for a larger area such as a two-car garage, ensure that there is at least one light on each side of the door and add another one in the middle if possible. If there exists a clear break between doors, you are supposed to install lights on both sides of the entire garage and between each door. Additionally, spend some time to figure out the light at your driveway and across the street, then you will know how much light best suits your garage. Or maybe you don’t trust your own eye, ask someone else like your family member to take a look. You can also get some advice from lighting experts in a local lighting store.

Pick the Right Size

If you only look at your fixture in front of the proposed installation point instead of looking at it from far way, then you will probably make a wrong decision when choosing the product size. In most occasions, homeowners tend to purchase lightings that are smaller than expected though this could have been avoided easily. Typically, the size of the fixture should be 1/4 to 1/3 the size of the height of the garage door opening when installed on either side. Pay attention to the light’s beam angle especially the one installed over the door as it should be able to light up the entire width of your driveway. That is to say, two factors should be considered: height of the garage door as well as width of the driveway.

Understand As Many Features As You Can

Apart from numbers and sizes of your outdoor lights, there are many other factors that should be considered, ‘motion sensing’ for example. The function allows the fixture only to be activated when motion is detected thus energy wastage avoided. Besides, timer function is also popular among homeowners. With built-in timers, the lighting fixture will auto on and off during a certain period of time as preset which brings lots of convenience to our everyday use.

Match the Rest of Your Exterior Lighting

Although an exterior lighting fixture is always used for nighttime illumination, how they look during the day is important as well since they always show the first impression of your house. If there are existing exterior lightings somewhere near your door or along a fence, your garage lighting should better be consistent with them in style or color.