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Introduction on The Popular Lamp Styles - Part 2

By Rita on 05/17/2017

In the previous post  ‘Introduction on The Popular Lamp Styles’, I have introduced 5 lamp styles, in this post, I will be introduce another 5 types of trendiest lamp styles that’s going around in our daily life.

Piano Lamp

Piano lamp is typically used to shed extra light on piano or organ keys and music sheets. It is usually sleek, and has a horizontal bulb. The piano lamp was made for musicians originally, but nowadays more and more people regard it as desk lamp or a kind of decoration.


Gooseneck Lamp

The gooseneck lamp has a flexible neck that can be adjusted to different positions and a fixed metal neck with a traditional curve. The lamp offers a unique style and allows you to adjust to achieve a more targeted illumination.


Downbridge Lamp

The lamp shade is suspended from a graceful downbridge, which is adorned with crystal jewels and leaves. The downbridge and base are both finished in antique golden sand. The lamp is perfect for a living room, den, family room, bedroom or office.


Boom Arm Lamp

The boom arm lamp is similar to the microphone stands. The table-clamp style is universal and attaches to virtually anywhere -- it attaches to horizontal or vertical surfaces like a desk, table, shelf, counter, etc. You'll be able to position your microphone lamp exactly where you need it.


Torchiere Lamp

Torchiere styles are floor lamps with a tall body and a shade that faces upwards to the ceiling, creating a sufficient light source without having to point the light directly to the user. The lamp is capable of providing more lighting than a regular floor lantern. Torchiere Lamp solves your home or office needs brightly and efficiently.