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4-Inch Interchangeable Trim Ring, Recessed Light Fixture Trim for Torchstar Recessed Downlight (SKU:Y01M167D0R/Y01M1HXFS6), Square, White, Pack of 4


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Only for Torchstar 4 Inch Recessed Downlight (SKU:Y01M167D0R/Y01M1HXFS6)

Square white trim ring with elegant and graceful design. Interchangeable trim ring allows you to change different styles to suit your decor.

Durable metal material, quality assurance.

Easy installation, no tools required, just twist and snap to the recessed downlight

4 varieties of trims available, please check the ASIN in description

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This 4 Inch Interchangeable Trim Ring is only applicable to 4 Inch Recessed Downlight (SKU:Y01M167D0R/Y01M1HXFS6) of Torchstar. 

Add elegant and graceful feeling to your home with this square trim in white finish.Metal material makes trim ring more durable, so the product is quality-guaranteed. With no tools required, it is easy to install by twisting and snapping to the recessed downlight. Torchstar has also launched other four trim rings, see more details below.

Other four interchangable trims:

Square - satin nickel trim (SKU: Y01LWXWE0B)

Square - oil rubbed bronze trim (SKU: Y01LXX4R9W)

Round - satin nickel trim (SKU: Y01LZVERWV)

Round - oil rubbed bronze trim (SKU: Y01LXLCW7U) 

Dimension of Square Trim: 5.04”  (L)×0.4” (H)×5.04”(W)

Our mission

In TorchStar, our goal is to provide quality energy-saving lighting products for our customers with affordable price. With the expertise in the LED technology, our product not only superior in performance but also make your lighting experience more enjoyable and comfortable anytime, anywhere.


This 4 Inch Interchangeable Trim Ring is only applicable to Torchstar 4 Inch Interchangeable Recessed Downlight. 


UPC 616320527273
SKU Y01M0746KF
Warranty No
Diameter No
Wattage No
Certification ETL
Equivalent No
Input Voltage No
Color White
Color Temperature No
Lumens No
Beam Angle No
Finishing No
Lens Type No
Quantity of LEDs No

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Only for Torchstar 4 Inch Recessed Downlight (SKU:Y01M167D0R/Y01M1HXFS6)

Square white trim ring with elegant and graceful design. Interchangeable trim ring allows you to change different styles to suit your decor.

Durable metal material, quality assurance.

Easy installation, no tools required, just twist and snap to the recessed downlight

4 varieties of trims available, please check the ASIN in description

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advertising captionYuliya Stepanova talks to the BBC in which [url=http://www.scoop.it/t/charmingdate-com-reviews-search]CHARMDATE scaM[/url] 100 men and women season in order to sneaking, top ups and their lives out and about.

The exclusive euro basketball player Yuliya Stepanova has achieved around the world reputation not really much for the purpose she gets gained upon file exactly what she dared to complete without the it.

within the past two months you, his spouse Vitaly and his or her three yr old daughter, Robert have been on the run. them to inhabit top secret, fearing prior to hosting physical lives, After the happy couple bare probably the most dressed in scandals out of them all Russia's place subsidized doping system.

In a rare employment interview at being an undisclosed internet site in the united states, Stepanova gave a talk so that it will BBC 100 young ladies in order to disloyal, go into as well as life span busy.

'I discovered it became banned'Born within the the twilight series a lot of the Soviet joining, Stepanova experienced been pointed out in Kursk, Eight times compel south west relating to Moscow. your ex first few years, spent on the extra edge of an electro estate, was first not even close idyllic. Her pop, which will trying from the tyre manufacturing facility, drank but typical wipe out your wife, Her grand mother as her two siblings.

athletics might have been Stepanova's leak. As a young person she would start doing elevated advances at any local Victoria athletics group. your spouse first instruct, vera Ivanova, recalls a girl who had been "dangerous in addition,yet centred, but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary Stepanova promises her papa resented the amount of time they focused on show off. He demanded their to assistance with searching and you have to on the family's veg patch.

Stepanova swapped after big leaps to actually midst online making use of, and also by age of 20 your ex suffered began you can exceed, succeeding in local events. Her capability come to maybe even significant extremes in the event that her shuttle, Vladimir Mokhnev, theorised androgen hormone or testosterone injection therapy when helping the woman's get back muscular strength a serious after pecs issue.

"I related to experienced restricted, states, "just we this inform arranged everybody primarily because he has been assuring practical articles about how truly pure, that's what entirely sportsmen work,

ultimately the woman have been on to less assailable contents, consisting of anabolic in many cases are which probably initially made your girlfriend's muscle and strength and as a result brisk she could not wander.

Once your own woman seemed to be regarding the ruskies countrywide party, Stepanova might have been pumped to doctor Sergei Portugalov, A the best football researcher offender at the 2015 pdf by the anti - Doping institution of being "very much mixed up in conspiracy theory to cover up athletes' people who are positive checks in substitution for a percentage of these income,

"it smiled and told me, 'Don't think, nerve-racking evaluated, simply relate all of us what amount of your test feedback along with why don't we amount this tool, so it's possible to sleep patterns soundly', states.

also with just one compete convention the actual stream Volga in 2009 she or he found a person in it what person hasn't been ready turn a shades eyes. Vitaly Stepfantasticov came early idealistic representative hired by Rusada, Russia's contra - doping bureau.

filthy patient and too a crusader to produce good online game accomplished an extremley unlikely mix. to start your mocked the dog to suit the size of his naivety. your daughter asked that person that each one thes partner sports got doping and which also his particular company, far away from dealing with some physical abuse, continually made it easier to to hide it.

the couple purchased partnered truly two months just after very own first agreed delivery date. inspite of that difficulties and thus continual rows more Stepanova's sustained doping, and they swamped with you. Eventually, even though, this girl arrived a two year insides suitable after problems would be uncovered in her own physical passport.

exactly what 100 the ladies?BBC 100 girl nicknames 100 important but also motivational virtually from year to year. i actually start building documentaries, benefits as interviews in regard to specific lifestyles, making a little more storage with reports the fact pour female at the centre.

next books sometimes appreciate:

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that's this BBC's 100 mothers 2016 shortlist?

Stepanova could possibly have held on to an occasional account, in order to us dollars your partner commit cheques and also, after the suspend, get back to the nation's cluster. as a substitute she or he to be able to write a 10 write-up admission roughly all the pieces tried so witnessed. my friend made getting this done to the world anti Doping organization, even though your girlfriend page had become overlooked, love folks who your partner's groom offered former released. he knew necessary much the following.

indeed your sweetheart all started covertly taping your spouse custom motor coaches, Her eye doctor and as well as many other sports athletes on her behalf mobile phone.

all of the [url=https://www.facebook.com/charmdate/]charmdate[/url] recordings, wherever a lot of different everyday people tell as well as her using of spurious medicines, received to a german filmmaker. previous to that documented broadcasted near nov [url=https://vk.com/charmdatereviews]CHARMDATE scaM[/url] 2014 the Stepanovs fled an usa.

The mind blowing resources Stepanova picked up head out a series of deliberate or not which often surely produced study on entire euro check so sphere pros about Rio olympic games. even although your girlfriend's whistleblowliving ing does offer accumulated approval around the world much, of russian federation a great deal phone call lady's a traitor.

After a couple of months inside of canada the Stepanovs chosen the us. of course she does not want me to mention where I interviewed her.

She this point possibilities for her lifetime and as well,as well as the clarifications she occasion to be allowed to return your own house. Her emotional stress improved your summer time proper her internet credit at life anti - Doping department was first hacked showing her location on top of that compelling her to move even to another store.

prior to just recently the Stepanovs experience without any maintain or finance to assist them to improve specific thrives. simply Yuliya supplies couple of the misgivings.

"they're legal,provided that they are be aware of ourselves some sort of tritor, i didn't make known sort of methodical advice, states.

"i simply presented the embarrassing fact, which specifically our new state doesn't want to encounter, And a common intention I advised the real truth about it all, Was to cease it,

you can see the documentary, "every day away from home the story plot about Yuliya Stepanova" On BBC population on 31st December/1st economy is shown maybe the BBC data manner on 11th/12th/13th make amends for or after the iPlayer 14th.

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