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Trump Pushes ‘Buy American’ In The US Navy When It Comes To LED

By Luna on 04/28/2017

   In order to reduce costs, the US Navy decides to retrofit its bases with LED lightings. This is a long-term goal starting from the Obama administration. President...

Light Up Caves

By Rita on 04/28/2017

  Human beings have always been fascinated by mysterious caves. In 19th century, Vladimir Vashkevich, described the tough installation and the future prospects about lighting...

Take Note for the Pretenders!

By Bernee on 04/27/2017

With the improving technology in lighting industry, customers are facing a large variety of choice more than ever. Having more than one option is always a good thing, but too...

The 7th International LED Professional Symposium +Expo LpS 2017

By Rita on 04/20/2017

  The 7th annual LED international Symposium +Expo 2017 will be taking place from September 26th to 28th in Bregenz. The symposium will last for 3 days, in the symposium...

Top 10 LED Cities in the US

By Luna on 04/14/2017

    Seattle, Minneapolis, and Oklahoma City are the top 3 largest markets for consuming LED lighting fixtures. While for the entire United States, there is still a long...

LED Lights Installed In Pavement of the Crosswalk to Guide Cellphone Zombies

By Bernee on 04/11/2017

  Are you constantly texting or flipping your cell phone while you’re eating, working, walking or even when crossing across the road? If the answer is mostly yes,...

Expectations of Commercial Lighting Market and LEDs from 2017 to 2026

By Luna on 04/08/2017

  According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), electricity consumption of lighting in the commercial sector (including commercial and institutional buildings)...

‘Turn it off’ for Earth Hour

By Bernee on 03/27/2017

25th March 2017, the 10th annual international Earth Hour. Cities around the world took part into this symbolic event by turning off the lights in their iconic buildings and...

Using Incandescent Bulbs Would Be Illegal in Zimbabwe After May

By Luna on 03/24/2017

  The Zimbabwe government has recently enacted a new law about a total ban on the use of incandescent bulbs no matter for manufacturing, trading, or commercial using. The law...

Mackenzie Health Welcomes the New LED Lighting Upgrade

By Bernee on 03/22/2017

The Mackenzie Heath in York Region has undergo a LED lighting upgrade recently to replace the existing lighting fixtures to 100% LED lighting fixtures with the utility’s...

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