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Algonquin’s Streets Get Brighter with New LED Streetlight Upgrade

By Jordan on 05/26/2017


Algonquin, IL – The Village of Algonquin has just finished replacing its municipal’s older streetlight to new energy efficient LED lighting fixtures (light-emitting diode). The replacement had convert 135 of the city’s traditional high pressure sodium lighting fixtures to LED, this lighting renewal is expected to reduce a maximum of 85% on the current electric spending on lighting.


This lighting renewal was estimate to coat around $51, 063, the money was first given by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Public Sector Energy Efficiency Program which rebated the village $37,500 of project costs.


 “This project demonstrates great stewardship of tax dollars and the environment,” stated Village President John Schmitt. “The energy savings and extended fixture life produce real financial and operational benefits for the Village.”

The new LED lighting fixtures can last over 7 years longer than the city’s old high pressure sodium lighting fixture that needs to be replaced every 2 – 3 years. Besides cutting down on electric cost, the new LED will also help the city to reduce the budget on maintenance and operating cost.

According to the information released by authorities, these following streets in Algonquin will be installed with new LED lighting fixtures:


Algonquin Road (Illinois Route 31 to Hubbard Street); Main Street (Edward Street to Washington Street); Huntington Drive (Illinois Route 31 to Circle Drive); County Line Road (Millbrook Drive to Merchant Drive); Millbrook Drive (south of Corporate Parkway); Harnish Drive (Golden Eagle Drive to Sherman Road) Esplanade Drive; Becky Lynn Drive; and Meyer Drive.