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Under Cupboard Lighting Solutions

By Luna on 05/13/2017


Under cupboard lights are mostly seen in kitchens to help homeowners eliminate darkness and increase visibility. They enhance the overall décor and bring a lot of functionality to the interiors. Since there has been a large amount of home design solutions as well as lighting options generated, important aspects regarding your under cupboard lighting should also be considered.

The current under cupboard lights in you home may seem to be old-fashioned and unattractive. Besides, there is probably an aggravating warm-up period every time you turn them on. What even worse is that they flicker and buzz. If either of these situations applies to you, you are supposed to replace those old fixtures and consider some other options. Here are three popular choices:


Fluorescent strips

In terms of the appearance, modern fluorescent strips are much sleeker than their predecessors. What is more, technology of today’s fluorescent bulbs has been greatly improved. They do not have a delay when you turn on the switch. Instead they produce a good shade of lighting straight away. And they never flicker or hum.

Puck lights


As its name suggests, these round lights look like a hockey puck. The biggest advantage of this kind of light is that they are battery powered and they do not need to be hard wired or even plugged in. You can just stick them on the underside of your cupboard. This is extremely convenient for temporary lighting or somewhere unsuitable for wiring.

LED strip lights or tape


Technically LED strip lights and LED light tapes are two different kinds of lighting, but both with LED lighting source. LED strips lights are look like fluorescents with a slim shape. And they cast a cool white light which is similar to fluorescents, too. Although this may be the most expensive choice, lifespan of LED lightings are several times longer than fluorescents and they consume less energy and electricity bills as well.


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LED tape is extremely thin thus has easier and flexible installation which makes it really handy in particular scenarios. Also, compared to other lighting options, LED tape is visually unobtrusive. However, the light output of LED tape is not as much as other options. As a result, LED tape is often used for complementing strong overhead lighting.