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Introduction on the Popular Lamp Styles

By Rita on 05/12/2017


If you are looking for a new lamp, you might wonder what style you should choose. It is not easy to choice a right one that suit your home furnishing styles. In this post, I will be introducing a few popular lamp styles for you.

Tripod Lamp

Tripod lamps are well known for their three-legged base. The tripod lamp combines stability with sculptural finesse. The lamp's stand aka legs, provide a angular visual effect. This type of lamp is great for a living room or a bedroom where some extra lighting is needed.


Buffet Lamp

This type of lamp is typically slender; it may be perfect to light up a buffet table. You can also use this lamp in your home office, where it won’t take up too much space on your already overcrowded office desk.


Tree Lamp

Tree lamps are in a huge range of designs standing in multiple directions, similar to a tree. These features make this lamp useful for any room. This type of lamp is beautiful and perfect to use as a decorative lighting piece around the house.


Swing Arm Lamp

Swing arm lamps can come in several shapes. It can be very versatile when it comes to its lighting direction, unlike other styles that are not adjustable. Swing arm lamp can be adjust and moved to meet your specific needs. It is perfect if you are just using on a small table or desk lamp, give the space a modern and more organized look.


Arch Lamp

The lamps have a slender body and an arc-shaped. It is dramatic and has a unique shape. Sitting pretty in a corner of the room, the lamp also extends to the middle of the space that provides us a romantic situation. The light can arch over a table or sofa, as an effective way to add more brightness when you’re reading or watching TV.