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Assaults on Obama’s Light Bulb Rules

By Rita on 05/10/2017


The Obama administration published rules about phasing the incandescent lightbulbs out of American market prior to Donald Trump's inauguration as a way to reduce the country’s increasing energy consumption. Some environmentalists and energy advocates couldn’t agree more, but some critics the rules as a “midnight regulation”. Those that opposes said they do not like any rules that will determine the future of the market. Some even go to the extent by filed a lawsuit to against the lightbulb rules.


Even though the Obama Administration’s regulation did not achieve the expected applause, a law requirement introduced in 2007 had set a standard of 45 lumens per watt that all the new bulbs have to meet the threshold by January 2020. However, the halogen incandescents still make up over 40 percent of the overall U.S. lightbulb market in 2017. It is impossible for everybody to buy a 45-lumen-per-watt bulb in 2 years.


In addition, some consumers said that they do not like the color of LED light and many covered products doesn’t fit in the same socket as the halogen bulbs. Someone believed that the Obama administration set an overall efficiency level that can’t be achieved in 2 years. Terry McGowan, director of engineering and technology at the American Lighting Association expressed that he was worried about the rules could result in shortage and higher consumer prices, but Terry McGowan also believed that there will be a different environment in using LED lights in 2020, although many people opposite and assault the rules. As a matter of fact, the price of LED has fallen in the recent years while the performing quality becomes better than ever. There’s an increasing number of American family making the energy-friendly LED conversion; it will only be a matter of time that the public will fully accepts the LED concept, but it might come faster than we expect.