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Lighting Mistakes That You Might Be Making

By Bernee on 04/15/2017


Wonder why the same piece of furniture failed to look as great as it does in the store? Here are some lighting mistakes that many of us might be making, let’s fix the problems and welcome a brighter and more beautiful home.

 1.       Overly bright overhead lighting



One of the types of most uncomfortable lighting in our house is the overly bright lights that make you feel like you’re onstage. Home is a place that we want to feel comfortable after a long day of work. The ideal lighting to use around your home should be soft, comforting yet efficient. Changing the overly-white light bulbs around your house to a soft white version can add a touch of more gentle tone in your house. Harsh light will not only make you feel more tens, but also is unflattering – meaning you will not look really well.


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2.       One light source for the entire room


The key to any good lighting environment is layering the lights at different heights. Don’t depend on one single light source for the entire room, mix some pendant light and table or floor lamps together will create a better decoration effect as well as increase the overall brightness around the room.


Product recommendation: E12 LED candelabra bulb, pack of 6


3.       Too much of recessed light


Recessed lights is a great way to light up the house without occurring too much space since it goes inside the ceiling, taking less of your ceiling space than pendant fixtures. But going overbroad with recessed light can make your ceiling look like a giant piece of emmental cheese. In functional areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, too much recessed light can make the areas look harsh and flat.

 4.       Neglect dimmers


Lighting can cause a great impact on the kind of atmosphere in an environment. The easiest way to change and adjust the ‘drama’ in the house is to install dimmers, this way you can control the brightness level according to the mood you want to create instead of sticking to simple on and offs.

 5.       Awkward light switch position


Generally, interior designers will locate the light switch 36 inches above the floor and 11/2 inches off the side of the door, this way the light switch will be handier when one enters a room as well as position like this will not interrupt the art piece going on the wall.

 6.       Not pay enough attention to your closet


Efficient lights can help you distinguish this la robe noire from that la robe noire more clearly and accurately. Consider installing some LED light bars inside your closet is a great way to get started. This type of lighting can be really useful when you’re dressing up to work or heading to an evening cocktail party.


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7.       Not thinking about the electric consumption

One of the things that many house owners often left out is the electric consumption of the lighting used around the house. When putting lights in our living space, we often focus on the ‘look’ it will pull instead about the electric it will pull. Traditional light source like incandescent and halogen often consume higher amount of electricity (by over 70%) than the new LED alternatives while providing the same performance.

Another benefit of LED is that they often last much longer than other types luminaries, this will reduce the replacing rate and the future maintenance cost, this means a huge cut down on your budget and extra cash for something nice that you deserve.