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Reasons Why You Need A Lighting Control System

By Luna on 04/14/2017


Lighting control systems are going to help you make the best of what you have in your home. For one thing, they keep all your rooms such as living room, bedroom, and even the hallway in the best condition throughout the day. For another, the system ensures your lights to be easily controlled and become more efficient.

To be specific, these systems enable you to live in a more secure space and they are also an awesome way to dim your modern LED lighting fixtures. Your lights are even able to be integrated with other smart devices in your home. In this way you will turn your heating on and off, open or close curtains, and turn your lights on and off by a simple button. This article is going to explain why you should consider add a lighting control system to your home.

Control your lighting with a smartphone or tablet

It is really beneficial if you can control your lights in a large or remote space without going to the actual space. A system running on a smartphone and tablet or an APP will achieve this. Think about this: you are curling up on the sofa watching movie or lying in your bed and almost asleep, still have to get up and go to the door just switch the lights off. While with the lighting control system on your mobile phone, all you need to do is moving your fingertips.

Add more security to your home

Instead of simply setting timers to light up your room at the same time every day, lighting control systems nowadays are much smarter. They could be switched to ‘holiday mode’ which makes your house seem like realistically occupied. Thus it is an effective way prevents your house from being stolen as it looks like someone’s home even you are not.


Take fully advantage of daylight

The sophisticated lighting control system can also work together with other home automation appliances such as automatic curtains and blinds. Smart lighting system could be tied to light sensors so curtains and blinds will shut or open according to how much daylight entered to a room. Those curtains and blinds are available for ‘holiday mode’ too thus you will never be disturbed and it seems more convincing if you are travelling out.



Maximize the dimming function

Traditional dimmers are getting more and more troublesome to control modern LED lighting fixtures. Problems frequently occurred include flickers, noises, and unstable performance at low dimming levels. The smart lighting control system will solve the problem by adopting a whole range of dimming protocols which are exactly the same as LED lights.


All in all, lighting control systems could bring lots of benefits to our daily life such as security benefits, energy efficiency, easy control, etc. And certainly they will add a real ‘wow’ factor as well as some magic to your lighting project!