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LED Lights Installed In Pavement of the Crosswalk to Guide Cellphone Zombies

By Bernee on 04/11/2017


Are you constantly texting or flipping your cell phone while you’re eating, working, walking or even when crossing across the road? If the answer is mostly yes, then congratulation my friend, you are now officially win yourself a title – Mr. /Miss Cellphone Zombie.


It seems like a trend among young people, you have to be on your cellphone 24/7, login to every social network account in order to be cool, which is why so many people are un-separable with their smartphone, their attention is glued to the screen even when they’re crossing road. This is extremely dangerous act that got people killed or injured every year. With the worsen situation, a Dutch town has come up with a new invention, that claim to decrease the chance of these avoidable accidents by ‘signaling’ the cellphone zombie it’s safe to cross the road.


By installing LED lights in the pavements, the cellphone zombies can glimpse the LED indicator without having to rise their head up to look at the traffic light. This LED lighting system is connected directly to the traffic lights; the two light will shift and change simultaneously to let the pedestrians know it is safe to cross the road.


Since the day of installation, this innovation had raised quite a lot of controversy; some state that it is a reward for dangerous behavior, allowing the cellphone zombies to continue neglecting their safety as well as other’s safety; “It is like because fat people had a bigger appetite, then all the food places had starting to sell supersized meal to meet their need; this is unhealthy.” Said one of the passerby that share with us his opinion. On the other side, some people think that although the LED pavement light seems somewhat like an agreement to unsafe road-crossing, but it can do a great help at reducing the chance of tragedies.     


Everything has its goods and bads, put all the opinions aside, this LED can be useful to many urban cities, especially those city streets with a rather confusing traffic as it clearly indicates which road is clear to cross and which should wait for a little while. However, as a considerate citizen, we should all put our phone down for a couple of minutes at least when we’re crossing the road; there’s so much things happen around us, take sometimes off from 4.7” screen, and you can almost for sure to find something interesting.